SipMaster, the drinking game revolution

SipMaster is a revolutionary drinking game where a scale is used to weigh the volume of liquid you drink. Thus, how well you do in the competitions of the different game modes always depends on your skills and not on dice or card luck. Estimate your sips more accurately than your friends and become a SipMaster!

The SipMaster App

Download the free app and test the best drinking game ever with your kitchen scale today.

You already own a SipMaster? Awesome! All games in the app will be automatically unlocked for you!

Playable for free

The app is free and a selection of different games are already unlocked.

Exciting statistics

While you play, interesting statistics are collected which always surprise you the next morning!


Thanks to a wide variety of games, which differ, for instance, in tactics, competition, amount of drinking or escalation factor, great variety is offered.
The best? - There are more to come!

Playing SipMaster is versatile

The great thing about SipMaster’s gameplay is that it can be used for any number of game modes. The different games are fundamentally different, which is why SipMaster is always the right game – regardless of your mood! In addition, this means that SipMaster never gets boring. Here are some examples.


Work together as a team to achieve your goals. You can only win here with good teamwork.

Tactical games

Make tactical decisions prior to your turn! Sometimes offense is the best defense.

KO games

Hit reliably and stay in the game as long as you can. Whoever does not make any mistakes becomes the SipMaster.

Other distinguishing features

Do I play it safe or take a risk? Do I gamble on more victory points or lose them all?
Mastering the different games is a challenge!

The SipMaster

The SipMaster is a precision scale that sends your results to the app fully automatically, so you can concentrate on the most important thing: Drinking!

The perfect gift

With the SipMaster, you not only make the recipient happy, but also yourself. Because SipMaster you play together with friends!

LED light ring

The game action is projected onto the table via light effects. This way, everyone knows what's going on and it also looks great.

Also usable as a scale

The SipMaster can also be used as a kitchen scale and even as a precision scale. You can use it to weigh objects to the precision of 0.1g.

The advantages at a glance

Automatic weighing

The SipMaster weighs and automatically transmits the values into the game. All you have to do is drink.

All games unlocked

If you are connected to a SipMaster, all games are automatically unlocked.

Multiplayer function

Connects multiple devices to the SipMaster and shows the game on additional displays. So even in large groups everyone gets everything.

Exclusive games

We have some games in the pipeline that will only be available on the SipMaster.

Exclusive statistics

How much did you drink when it wasn't your turn? - Just One of the many statistics that are only collected when using a SipMaster.

Light show

The light effects are a real eye-catcher and can be individualized in color, animation and speed.

How precisely does the SipMaster weigh?

In SipMaster, it is not uncommon for a single milliliter to decide victory or defeat. That is why we paid special attention for good and reliable weighing values during the development of the SipMaster.

Calibrated SipMaster

Each SipMaster is calibrated and checked with reference weights. This results in excellent accuracy.

High precision

The SipMaster has a repeatability of 0.1g and therefore collects extremely reliable weighing values.

Maximum weight

You like to drink pitchers? - No problem!
Each SipMaster can take a load up to 3kg.

Intelligent support

The SipMaster supports you while playing the game. Read below what intelligent features the SipMaster has to offer when it comes to weighing!

The SipMaster made of real wood

The SipMaster is also available in a wooden case. This one is not only sustainable, but also looks pretty darn good. – A match with any quaint pub or beer garden!


Water repellent

The wooden case is oiled, which makes it naturally water repellent.

Everything about the battery

Long battery life

The SipMaster's battery typically lasts over 15 hours of playing - perfect for a festival weekend!

USB-C Charging connector

The SipMaster relies on the modern USB-C standard and is therefore optimally equipped for the future.

Replaceable battery

The SipMaster has an unlimited life expectancy as the battery can be easily replaced.

Auto shutdown

The SipMaster detects when it is not in use and first dims the LEDs and then turns off to save battery power.

Modern technology

The built-in lithium battery offers the perfect mix of longevity, performance and energy density.

Common battery type

Replacement batteries are easy to find since a standard design is used.

The SipMaster is intelligent

The later the evening, the worse the concentration! That’ s where mistakes happen!

To make sure that these errors don’t disrupt the flow of the game, we’ve equipped the SipMaster with a few features to help you out late at night!

weighing values

The SipMaster detects whether the beverage has already been completely put down and thus prevents incorrect values from being transmitted.

Only when the weight is stable and the beverage is standing still on the SipMaster, the weight value is collected and sent to the app.


Condensation forms on your cool beverages and drips onto the SipMaster, where it accumulates over time. To ensure that condensation does not affect the weighing values, it is detected and compensated for.

But be careful!
Do not remove the condensation when someone is on the move!


You are playing, but at the same time you are still involved in a conversation. Either you drink without having weighed your drink beforehand, or you put your drink on the SipMaster several times without having drunk anything. At least the latter is recognized by the SipMaster and prevents a tiny amount from being registered as game input.


The SipMaster recognizes when it is not in use. It first dims its LEDs and later turns off completely to prevent the battery from discharging.

If you forget to turn it off, you will still have enough battery charge for the next session the next day!

Wrong drink?
"Something escalated"

Your drink is empty and you get a new one, but forget to weigh it in?

You are actually in the middle of your turn, but the neighbor doesn’t notice anything and just puts his drink on the SipMaster.

The SipMaster tries its best to detect these cases and give you another chance.

The order is not so important!

If you need to pass the SipMaster across the table to the next player between moves, you usually play with “Speed Mode” turned off.

However, the SipMaster continues to detect whether it is already standing still on the table and a drink has already been placed. Even if you haven’t clicked “Ready” in the app yet.
You can do this after the drink has been placed!

Did you know?

Our footprint

We make our business and our products as sustainable as possible.

With the SipMaster, we have deliberately focused on a repair-friendly design. This significantly extends the lifetime.
We use sustainable materials e.g. for stickers, packaging or of course for our wooden SipMaster.

Our wood and cardboard materials are FSC certified.

About Us

We – Jan, Lars and Tim – are fans of technology and a fresh, cold beer. At the end of 2019, we jointly decided to use our technical expertise to design a drinking game with modern technology. By the way, the idea of the SipMaster is quite old. Back in 2014, we played the classic “Just Enough” with a kitchen scale and a piece of paper! 

We are happy about every enthusiastic player who we can provide a great evening with his friends!

We are CO2 neutral

Where possible, we try to avoid CO2. Where possible, we try to avoid CO2.This is possible, for example, by using energy from renewable sources or short delivery distances. We deliberately seek out suppliers and service providers in the region.

We fully offset the emissions that we cannot avoid by supporting climate neutrality projects.