About Us

"Oh no! Not another worn out card or dice game. They're all the same."

"Tonight I easily had to drink twice as much as you."

"That's just the luck of the dice anyway."

Have you heard these sayings often? We too! For this reason we – Jan, Lars and Tim – decided to combine what is technically possible with fun while drinking! We want to revolutionize the world of drinking games with the SipMaster. No more playing the same games over and over again.

It is no coincidence that the SipMaster is probably the most over-engineered drinking game of all:

We are three engineers from the fields of IT, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. We love technology and the beer after work. If both meet, a SipMaster is born.

The first prototype was quickly built and was always taken to the pub. There we were regularly asked about our invention. We decided to make the SipMaster available to everyone.

Sustainability is important to us, which is why we pay attention to a sustainable overall concept.


Jan, Lars and Tim